1970 - 1998

Frieda Entenberg (Singer) Friedman


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More Information

Name in US
Frieda Friedman
Name at Birth
Frimet Entenberg (Singer)
Married Name
Frieda Friedmann Frydman
Date of Birth - Note
December 14, 1910
Country of Birth
City of Birth
City of Birth, Alternate Names

After World War I, this became part of Poland.

Spouse(s) Name(s)

First husband:
Abe Friedmann, murdered by Nazis in Buchenwald
Married 1938 in Old Synagogue in Kazimierz, Kraków, Poland

Second Husband:
Sam Friedman (Szlama Frydman)
(October 3, 1911 Żarnowiec, Poland – March 9, 1993 Mobile, AL)
Married December 25, 1946 in Halmstad, Sweden

Religious Identity (Prewar)
Orthodox Jewish
Religious Identity (Postwar)
Orthodox Jewish
Ghetto(s) / Year(s)

Kraków Ghetto (1941-1942/43)

Camp(s) / Year(s)

Plaszow (1942-1944)
Auschwitz (1944)
Bergen-Belsen (1944-1945)

Year / City / Ship to US
January 10, 1952 / New York City / MS Gripsholm
Date Moved to Alabama
Alabama City of Residence
Date of Death
May 2, 1998
City of Death
City of Burial / Cemetery
Mobile / Springhill Avenue Temple Cemetery
Dates Lived in Alabama