1899 - 1969

Leo Max Ernst Kohn


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More Information

Name in US
Leo Max Ernst Kohn
Name at Birth
Leo Max Ernst Kohn
Date of Birth
January 16, 1899
Country of Birth
City of Birth
Frankfurt am Main
Sibling(s) Name(s)

Max Kohn (Katharina [Elsa] Piron from Malaga, Spain)
Born February 19, 1900, Frankfurt
Married August 27, 1921, Frankfurt
Escaped to Malaga, Spain and changed his name to Max Piron

Rosette (Gertrude) Kohn (Herbert Fritz Bondy, Gottlieb Eckhardt)
1903-1952 (Tanzania)

Spouse(s) Name(s)

Irene Simon
Married December 5, 1922 Frankfurt, Germany

Children's Names

Ernest Ferdinand Markus Kohn
(1923 Frankfurt, Germany – 2004 Anniston, AL)

Herbert Kohn
(1926 Frankfurt, Germany – 2020 Atlanta, GA)

Religious Identity (Prewar)
Conservative Judaism
Religious Identity (Postwar)
Conservative Judaism
Camp(s) / Year(s)


Other Experiences

Arrested during Kristallnacht
Emigrated to England, November 1938

Year / City / Ship to US
March 21, 1940 / New York, NY / SS Lancastria
Date Moved to Alabama
Alabama City of Residence
Demopolis, Gallion
Date of Death
August 6, 1969
City of Death
Columbus, GA
City of Burial / Cemetery
Columbus, GA / Riverdale Cemetery