1970 - 1983

Bertha Pieszczańska Maisel


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More Information

Name in US
Bertha Maisel
Name at Birth
Berta Pieszczańska
Married Name
Berta Pieszczańska Majzel, Bertha Pieschansky Maisel
Date of Birth - Note
March 20, 1912
Country of Birth
Russian Empire
City of Birth
City of Birth, Alternate Names

Before World War I, Rokitno was part of the Ovruch district of Volhynia Gubernia, Russian Empire
Between the World Wars Rokitno was part of the province of Polessie, Poland.
After World War II, Rokitnoye was part of the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic, the Soviet Union
Currently, Rokytne is part of an independent Ukraine

Rokitnoye [Russian]
Rokitno [Yiddish, Polish]
רעקיטנע [Hebrew]]
Rokytne [Ukrainian]
Rekitne, Rokitino

Sibling(s) Name(s)


Spouse(s) Name(s)

David Maisel (Dawid Majzel)
Married October 15, 1945

Other Experiences

July 1947 went to the Dominican Republic

Year / City / Ship to US
July 29, 1954 / Miami / Pan American Airlines
Alabama City of Residence
Date of Death
February 15, 1983
City of Death
City of Burial / Cemetery
Mobile / Ahavas Chesed Cemetery