Exhibit Features

  • Pull-Up Panels (17)
    – The exhibit consists of 17 pull-up panels, each housed in a cloth traveling bag.
    – Each panel measures 39″ wide x 84″ high.
    – Panels are printed on ONE side only and could be displayed back-to-back.
  • Borrower’s Manual
    – Detailed, ONLINE manual that is made accessible to all borrowers prior to receiving the exhibit.
    – Contains information on how to install the exhibit, additional video pieces, publicity samples, program samples, educational materials, etc.
    – Details all reports that should be submitted to the AHEC upon completion of the exhibit.
  • Introductory Video: “Why Should We Remember”
    This 8-1/2 minute video, included in the Borrower’s Manual, is intended as a visitor’s introduction to the exhibit.
  • Darkness into Life DVD: Interviews with Survivors/Artists
    – Features the survivors and artists talking about their experience and their artwork.
    – This 55-minute video loop is designed to run continuously during exhibit hours.

Cost & Requirements

Please read through the requirements associated with hosting the traveling exhibit.

  • Exhibit Space
    – Exhibit space must be supervised during use and locked after hours.
    – Exhibit space must be air conditioned and panels must be free from direct sunlight.
    – It is requested that there be no eating, drinking, or smoking in the exhibit area.
    – An audio-visual space for the Darkness into Life video is recommended.
  • Exhibit Booking Period
    Bookings are recommended for a 2-week minimum.
  • Exhibit Fees
    – Schools, museums, and cultural institutions within the state of Alabama – FREE
    – Organizations outside the state of Alabama – Contact us at info@ahecinfo.org
  • Conditions of Use
    – No Entry Fees, above and beyond those of the host institution, may be charged for this Exhibit.
    – All objects in the Exhibit must be displayed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the AHEC.
  • Educational / Public Programming
    – All Hosts are required to open this Exhibit to the public and encourage group tours.
    – The Exhibit was designed for education. Hosts are expected to further this goal. The AHEC will be happy to consult on these programs.
    – Hosts are expected to provide free Exhibit Brochures for all visitors. Prototypes will be provided by the AHEC.
    – Hosts are expected to provide educational materials to teachers. Some materials will be provided by the AHEC. Additional resources can be found on the AHEC website.
    – Hosts are encouraged to offer accompanying public programs/events during the Exhibit period. This includes opening receptions, lectures, tours, or other educational programs.
  • Security / Facilities
    Host is responsible for insuring the safety of the Exhibit.
    The Exhibit must be able to be locked up after each day’s closing.
  • Installation / Care
    – Host is responsible for installation and de-installation of the Exhibit.
    – Host is responsible for the storage of cloth storage bags for the duration of the Exhibit.
  • Damages
    Damages incurred during transport and while in possession of the host will be the responsibility of the host.
  • Publicity
    – Host is required to promote the Exhibit to the entire community.
    – The AHEC must be properly credited on all publicity materials. AHEC logos are available on the AHEC website.
    – The AHEC will provide a sample press release and Exhibit photos/copy to aid in this process.
  • Documentation / Assessment Reports
    Installation Photographs & Publicity: Host is responsible for photographing the completely installed Exhibit as well as compiling all press and publicity (print and electronic) associated with the Exhibit.

    Associated Programming: Hosts are required to provide the AHEC with detailed information regarding Exhibit-related programming such as opening receptions, lectures, tours, and educational programs.

    Community Involvement Assessment: Hosts are required to provide the AHEC with detailed information regarding visitation statistics.