In 2011, the organization changed its name to the Birmingham Holocaust Education “Center” (BHEC) to better reflect an identity unique from the AHC, and by 2014, the organization filed for its own 501c3 status and hired its first full-time, paid employee.


In 2022, the Birmingham Holocaust Education Center (BHEC) changed its name to the “Alabama” Holocaust Education Center (AHEC) to better reflect it’s commitment to providing educational outreach throughout the state of Alabama. A capital campaign was initiated that enabled AHEC to raise $4 million to build a permanent location at 2100 Highland Avenue, Suite 101. 

Our New Center

In this newly created 8300 sq. foot center, through innovative storytelling, interactive experiences, and genuine artifacts, visitors will witness the strength and courage of the human spirit set against the backdrop of one of the darkest chapters in human history.

The entry exhibit space showcases images of the prosperous and comfortable lives families enjoyed before in pre-World War II in Europe.

The main exhibit, Darkness into Life, a gallery of art and photography, offers a special glimpse into the private Shoah (Holocaust) memoirs of 20 Alabama Holocaust survivors, revealing stories of childhoods past, lost family and friends, despair and sadness, cruelty beyond belief, bravery, the joys of liberation, and new lives in Alabama.

Never Forget their Stories

Through bold and thought-provoking images accompanied by educational narratives, one gains a richer understanding of the history of the Holocaust and its impact on these individuals and their families.

The AHEC has additional exhibits that explore the broader history of the Holocaust, including pre-war European Jewish life, life after the war in displaced persons camps, the stories of Alabama liberators, and memorials to the millions of lives lost in the Holocaust.

Visitors are welcomed into the library which features more than 3,000 Holocaust related publications and videos of Holocaust Survivor testimony.  Additionally, a Community Room is a state of the art resource room to host meetings, teacher workshops and other events.

Needed Now More Than Ever

AHEC’s mission has never been more critical than it is today. One need only read a local newspaper or watch the news to know that acts of violence, fueled by hatred and prejudice, are on the rise, both around the globe and in our community. The thought that the Holocaust is a myth is growing.  

We study the Holocaust to: