Alabama educators are eligible to receive PowerSchool credit remotely for viewing AHEC educational programming. This programming is designed to further your knowledge of the Holocaust and its pedagogy.

The recorded content in our education and teacher workshop section is eligible for remote professional development.

Each of our in-person teacher workshops are eligible for PowerSchool certification. We’ve brough experts in Holocaust studies, breakout authors, and leaders in pedaogy to Birmingham to network with and share best practices with Alabama’s educators. Every attendee receives four hours–or more–of professional development credit. Visit our teacher workshop page to learn more.

Get Your Credit

How To Receive PD Credits

Within 1 week of attending or viewing a program, complete the following steps:

    1. Sign up for “AHEC Educational Programming” in PowerSchool Course #: 276270

    1. After attending or viewing a program, complete the AHEC online form below: PowerSchool Certification for AHEC Educational Programming

    1. The AHEC will then submit your credit to the UAB In-Service Center.

    1. You will receive a survey from the State Department of Education that MUST be completed in order for credits to be granted.

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