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Friday Night

By: Becky Seitel

When Aisic Hirsch talks about the terror he experienced in Poland during the Holocaust, his wife, Riva Hirsch, understands more than anyone. That’s because she experienced circumstances very similar to Aisic’s, almost 1,000 miles away in Ukraine.

Riva and Aisic Hirsch married in Haifa in 1950, five years after they were liberated by Russian troops.

“We both went to Palestine after the war, and it was there that I met my beshert, a Yiddish word that means perfect match, soul mate, destiny,” Riva explains.

“I was a police officer and often ate at a local cafĂ©. Riva was a waitress there, just 16, and the most beautiful girl I had ever seen,” says Aisic.

Through the years, they’ve shared much more than the painful story of their past. They’ve shared many happy family times, always observing and celebrating their Jewish faith and heritage, a faith and heritage that made them a target of murder by the Nazis and then brought them together in Palestine.