1970 - 1981

Julian Hirshfeld


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More Information

Name in US
Dr. Julian J. Hirschfeld
Name at Birth
Julek Herszfeld
Yiddish Name
Yehuda Herszfeld
Date of Birth - Note
January 20, 1907
Country of Birth
City of Birth
Sibling(s) Name(s)

Dorcia Herszfeld

Spouse(s) Name(s)

Chaja (Helena) Hagasyner
Married 1930s and had one daughter.
Both murdered during Holocaust.

Frances (Franceska) Rosenblum
Married September 21, 1946 in Brussels, Belgium
July 26, 1918 (Opatów, Poland) – June 1, 1999 (Gastonia, NC)

Ghetto(s) / Year(s)

Zawiercie Ghetto (April-June 1940)

Camp(s) / Year(s)

Auschwitz (October 18, 1943)
Tattoo No. 157668

Golleschau (November 15, 1943)
Sub-camp of Auschwitz

Auschwitz III/Buna (January 18, 1944)

Prisoner No. 123133

“Stein” Holzen (Hecht) Escherhausen
Sub-camp of Buchenwald

Forced (Death) Marches


Liberated By / Date
Location of Liberation


Other Experiences

Tattoo on left arm: 157668

Year / City / Ship to US
July 12, 1949 / New York City / SS Sobteski
Date Moved to Alabama
Alabama City of Residence
Decatur, AL
Date of Death
February 2, 1981
City of Death
Gastonia, NC
City of Burial / Cemetery
Gastonia, NC / Gaston Memorial Park
Dates Lived in Alabama