1970 - 1983

Ludwig Lewy


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More Information

Name in US
Ludwig Lewy
Date of Birth - Note
May 11, 1910
Country of Birth
City of Birth
Spouse(s) Name(s)

Dorothea (Dora) Kahn
Married December 13, 1938 in Trier, Germany

Other Experiences

Ludwig emigrated to Shanghai China in 1939 with his wife and her brothers, Julius and Sally Kahn as well as one or two of his own brothers. After the war, Dora, Ludwig, and Julius came to Selma sponsored by Dora’s sister and brother-in-law, Frieda and Hermann Berger of Selma.

Year / City / Ship to US
January 21, 1947 / San Francisco / SS General Gordon
Date Moved to Alabama
Alabama City of Residence
Date of Death
August 24, 1983
City of Death
City of Burial / Cemetery
Selma, AL / Live Oak Cemetery
Dates Lived in Alabama